king plus 3D system

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king plus
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king plus 3D system:
king plus 3D system


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We have used Golden King Deep Processor Radar with a few sample metals in the following videos in order to you give some examples of its metal discrimination and depth performance. We have prepared these examples by using middle coil. Please note that you can get better results with the big coil.
Real-time 3D Results Screen

These technological constructs are not really even capable of rotating these pre-installed images that are claimed to be signal graphics. The consumers are given false promises with these claims of capabilities that simply are not there. No device has yet managed to process target signals into graphics in real-time, and not been able to move these graphics. You are done with these systems that simply call results from a library images for good. Golden King Deep Processor Radar is the first system in the world that can process signals as 3D with their real time. It is a system that nobody has seen or even imagined before. It is incomparable in features and capabilities to earlier detector systems, many times more powerful than the ordinary detectors with its technology and software. Its 32 bytes processor is 25 times faster than the processes which have been used until today. Its 128 RAM memory is 29,127 times larger than those being used on detectors systems (4, 5 KB) and its non-volatile memory (CPU) is 21,800 times much more than the previous systems. This device brings together the most advanced technology of our day.
Golden King Deep Processor Radar, which can detect signals up to 8 meters deep in high definition, can analyze these in detail within seconds and returns them to the user in novel clarity.
Below are cavity samples analysis. These structures are never similar to other ones and cavities may occur next to each other as well. Using our system you will be able to analyze target signals in unprecedented detail. While analyzing cavity, cavities in rows or metals within cavity, you will be able to retrieve related size details and voltage values of your targets and you will also be able to rotate these images in all directions. Dont forget that many people in the world pay thousands of Euros for fake representations of these images. There is no end to what you can achieve with Golden King Deep Processor Radar.


Golden King Deep Processor Radars unique software and hardware provide a complete analysis of target signals. Every underground object has some level of surface effect on it which sometimes is so small for older and ordinary systems to detect. Golden King Deep Processor Radar allows you to analyze even the smallest details. You will experience the pleasure of having the most advanced technology at hand and you will be able to carry your searches and investigations without missing a clue.
Golden King Deep Process Radar uses a camera system that can record in high-quality on land or underwater:
Caves filled water, passages, tunnels, vaults, wells, seas or lakes... none of these tough environments will hold you back from your searches and nothing will stay out of your sight.
Golden King Deep Processor Radar employs a top-level data processing and imaging quality so with the help of DVD-quality images, you will never have to delay your searches and excavations again.
Golden King Deep Processor Radar systems night-vision camera captures images in high quality up to 30 meters deep underwater, and in places where there is no sunlight.
Your camera comes with a 30 mt. cable to provide ease of use at any desired depth. An underwater camera capable of recording under 30 mt. itself could cost you a device s worth, while you can get a whole radar system with our del (your camera alone wouldt be able to record or replay during shooting either.)
Golden King Deep Processor Radar provides all these operations conveniently on a single system.
You can share your images with your friends or experts using instant replay and recording features on your system.
With your purchase of Golden King Deep Processor, you wont only be getting the most advanced new generation radar in the world, but you will also finally start to enjoy researching.
In locations like seas and lakes, where you would be left with your doubts, you will be observing spaces where you could only access with tube diving
Golden King Deep Processor Radar will be one of the biggest advantages in your searches.

» 3D Real-time graphic signal processing

» Easy use of both automatic and manual ground tuning options

» Arm 9 base microprocessor, 12 800 times more non-volatile memory, and 150 times more speed.

» 7'' TFT 264000 color monitor, DVD picture quality

» Anti Glare and Sun mode which prevent the bad effects of the sun

» Key pad produced with the multiple functions of backlight technology

» 10 language options.

» Excellent stereo sound quality, headphones with sound tune

» Camera with night vision capable of recording both on earth and 30m under the water

» 3D results and a capacity for saving the recorded videos

» Gas sensor measuring the accumulated methane in closed areas

» Operating manual menu with interactive animation

» Menu with interactive signs and symbols, 365 signs you can come across on the land explained

» Simple use with a guide system

» Excellent design, maximum tolerance to humidity, water, cold and heat with a thermoset engineering


» Smart detector heads satisfying every search need: Surface Search (single coin), General Search and

Deep Search heads

» Lithium-ion battery



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